Kala Nidhi is a social institute - local empowerment is our destination and music is our vehicle. Our vision is to develop and promote sustainable positive outcomes for our local population through music. Members at Kala Nidhi come for diverse backgrounds, ages, professions and cultures. Respected professionals from fields of medicine, engineering and accountancy come together on weekends to practice, and perform to raise funds for, and awareness of a noble cause.

Kala Nidhi members proudly and voluntarily offer their talents and services for no charges. Proceeds or donation from generous donors are given directly to the chariatable cause lieu of an official reciept benefitting the donor of income tax exemptions to rule 80G

At Kala Nidhi we undertake community development projects that help us achieve the following:

  • evelate music as a tool for community development/community capacity building;
  • fund raising projects for various health and educational organizations, and array of government departments;
  • provide oppurtunties for local people and communities:
  • colloborate with artists enabling their development and reach to a wider audience; and
  • continually raise the standards of interaction between local musicians and commercial enterprises.

We follow transparency as there are no hidden membership fees or any other money transaction within.

We offer to support local talents, artists and give them stage to boost their confidence, and request you to give your moral support and appreciate GOD GIFTED TALENT.

Talk with Kala Nidhi today, if you have a project that you believe would benefit from our contribution.